The #RustCityLFL Is Now Open!

rustcityfll-mapIt’s taken a little more time than planned, but it has finally happened. The #FreeLittleLibrary has been installed and is fully stocked!

The #RustCityLFL (Free Little Library Charter #45517) can be found at the Red Oaks Soccer Complex & Park in Madison Heights, MI.

This location may seem a little off the beaten path (the entire park is fenced in), but it’s one of my favorite places to go. Between the ten different soccer fields, the fabulous playground, and the covered pavilion, the boys and I have spent quite a bit of time there and having the library there is just icing on the cake. Now whenever I go, I’ll be able to check up on the library and see which books have been left.

I’m excited that my city now has it’s own Free Little Library – and to make it even better, the #RustCityLFL is the first to be installed in Madison Heights. I can also tell you it won’t be the last. Of all the things that came out of Rust City, this project has been one of my favorites and I can’t wait to do it again at #RustCity17.

rust-city-free-little-library-02The boys have been just as excited about it too. So much in fact that my youngest insisted on reading one of the books before he would allow us to add it – and then he wanted to be the one to add it. *grin*

I want to say thank you to the City of Madison Heights and Oakland County for allowing us to place it at the Red Oaks Soccer Complex. For the guys at the DPS for installing it so I didn’t have to (which was really a good thing). My father for building it.

I also want to give a rambunctious shout out to everyone who attended the #RustCity16 Book Signing in August and donated books to help fill the library. You came out with so many books that not only did we fill this library, but we could have filled a second. Our #RustCityLFL was a massive success and I can’t wait to see what we can do at #RustCity17 next August.