#RustCity17 Authors


Here you will find every author who has registered to attend Rust City. I am not looking to feature a certain number, but will celebrate every author who wants to hang out with us in Detroit. As a reader, I know I’ve been disappointed to find an author is not at an event after hearing otherwise. I’m trying to avoid that, so only those authors who have registered are listed here. As I hear from more authors, this list will grow.

Rue Allyn
Sara Dobie Bauer

Wayne Bibbs

Linda Bradley

CK Brooke

Roselynn Cannes

Jane Charles

Caren Crane
Jillian David

Jon David

Tara Eldana

Susana Ellis

Mackenzie Flohr

Samantha Grace

Bronwyn Green

Susan Gee Heino

Evan D. Heuker

Jessica Jarman

Azriel Johnson

Greg Jolley

Anne Lawson
(Becca Johnson)

Kathy Lyons
(Jade Lee)
Donna MacMeans
Stacy McKitrick

Robin Nadler
AJ Norris

Nancy Northcott
Stephen Osborne
Marie Piper

Suzanne Sabol

MK Schiller

Susan Sey
Sage Spelling

Ava Stone

Jenny Trout
(Abigail Barnette)

Caroline Warfield

Michele Zurlo


Don’t miss your chance to meet some amazing authors at Rust City Book Con next August! Come join us as we celebrate the authors who write the stories we love to read in the Motor City! Early-bird registration is open until 11:59pm EST on 3/31/2017!

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