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Shelf Addiction’s Live Interview with AJ Norris

Tamara from Shelf Addiction, one of Rust City’s fabulous bloggers, is conducting live interviews with our #RustCity16 authors. AJ Norris was the latest to stop by, with details about her debut novel, Healing Hearts, attending Rust City, and more! Check it out below.

Coming up this weekend, CK Brooke will be chatting with Tamara about The Duchess Quest, her upcoming Capturing the Captain, and more! If there’s something you want to know, tweet @shelfaddiction with the hashtag #salivefeature to submit questions via Twitter before the event goes live.

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Joining #RustCity16 – J. Leigh Bailey & Donald Levin!

Every book convention must have authors. There’s no question about it and I am working hard to ensure that we not only have a ton of fun people to hang out with, but there’s a wide range of genre talent as well. I know many readers tend to stick with their preferred genres, and there’s nothing wrong with that; but you never know what you’ll find, what you’ll like, until you take a leap of faith.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to two more fabulous authors who will be taking the plunge with me and coming to Rust City 2016! Make sure you keep an eye out as more authors are announced!

J. Leigh Bailey

BaileyJL.200pxJ. Leigh Bailey is an office drone by day and the author of Young Adult and New Adult LGBT Romance by night. She can usually be found with her nose in a book or pressed up against her computer monitor. A book-a-day reading habit sometimes gets in the way of… well, everything…but some habits aren’t worth breaking. She’s been reading romance novels since she was ten years old. The last twenty years or so have not changed her voracious appetite for stories of romance, relationships and achieving that vitally important Happy Ever After. She’s a firm believer that everyone, no matter their gender, age, sexual orientation or paranormal affiliation deserves a happy ending.

She wrote her first story at seven, which was, unbeknownst to her at the time, a charming piece of fan-fiction in which Superman battled (and defeated, of course) the nefarious X Luther. She was quite put out to be told, years later, that the character’s name was actually Lex. Her second masterpiece should have been a best-seller, but the action-packed tale of rescuing her little brother from an alligator attack in the marshes of Florida collected dust for years under the bed instead of gaining critical acclaim.

Now she writes Romance novels about boys traversing the crazy world of love, relationships and acceptance.

Learn more about J. Leigh by following her at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | GoodReads | Amazon | Tumblr

Donald Levin

LevinD.200pxDonald Levin is an award-winning fiction writer and poet. His latest book, Guilt in Hiding, is the third entry in his Martin Preuss series; the previous books are Crimes of Love and The Baker’s Men. He is also the author of The House of Grins, a novel, and two books of poetry, In Praise of Old Photographs, and New Year’s Tangerine. He lives in Ferndale, Michigan, the setting for the Preuss mystery series.

Learn more about Donald by following her at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | GoodReads | Amazon


Don’t miss your chance to meet some amazing authors at Rust City Book Con next August! Come join us in our celebration of all things genre fiction in the Motor City! Registration is now open for #RustCity16!

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