Promotional Opportunities

There are multiple ways that authors, industry professionals, and bloggers (anyone really) can help the convention, and showcase themselves, if their budget allows. For those interested, here is a list of available promotional opportunities for #RustCity17. This list contains the items that will make the biggest impact on our weekend, but I’m certainly open to discussing any additional ideas you may have.

For anyone interested in sponsoring a meal, party, or activity, please contact me.

As a first year event, we’re going to be figuring this thing out together, and I’m excited for your input. If you are interested in any of the above or would like more information, you can send me a message at “rustcitybookcon” to get the ball rolling. More precise details are below.

Charity Raffle to Benefit Child’s Play

childsplayAll raffle proceeds will go to benefit Child’s Play, specifically Metro Health Hospital in Wyoming, MI and Children’s Hospital Michigan here in Detroit. If you are interested in donating a gift basket please fill out the Raffle Submission Form.

If you wish to donate a basket, even if you are unable to attend, that would be fabulous! Simply indicate on the form that you will be mailing your basket and I will send you the mailing info.

Welcome Bags

Deadline to confirm: May 1st
Deadline for graphic materials: June 1st

The Rust City swag bags are a little different than your typical con bag. Instead of a canvas tote, Rust City has a fold-up reusable bag. I love this style of tote as it’s something I can easily throw into my purse for when I need an unplanned bag or an extra one.

I’ll order the bag for you and have your text and graphic printed on it along with the Rust City logo. The cost of the bags may be able to be split among 2-4 authors.

Swag – NO FEE

I will not be including Paper Swag in the welcome bags. I hate seeing the piles that get thrown away at every con I go to, knowing that an author paid good money for it. Therefore, paper swag will be available in SWAG ALLEY only, that way authors can take home what people do not take. Bags of paper swag + candy will be added to SWAG ALLEY.

Badges & Lanyards – $350

Deadline to confirm: May 1st
Deadline for graphic materials: June 1st

I’m not a fan of the neck wallets – they’re bulky and often get in the way. So I’m looking at other options for Rust City’s badges. In addition, registration for Rust City won’t close. Unlike other cons, attendees will be allowed to walk up the day of and purchase a registration. Therefore Rust City uses clear badge holders with a custom lanyard featuring the sponsoring authors’ name. At the end of the weekend, the sponsoring author will be able to take home any unclaimed lanyards.

Swag Alley – Attendee $0 / Non-Attendee $25

The idea behind this is a lot of readers throw a good portion of the swag away and only keep the things they’re really interested in. Authors spend time and money on the swag, so I would rather see it go back to them, than in the garbage. Plus, attending bloggers like to take extra swag home so they can use it in giveaways – this would give them the chance to grab a little more.

We will provide a 15″ X 18″ area (on a 6 ft. table) which accommodates four spots.

  • Attendees can reserve a spot(s) in SWAG ALLEY to display their items for NO FEE. Each person will be responsible for setting/cleaning up their area before and after the event.
  • Non-attendees can purchase an area in SWAG ALLEY for $25. Additional spaces may be reserved for $15.

Your promo item(s) are displayed in the hotel convention area from Friday 9am through Sunday 2:00pm. Materials must be rated PG 13 or below.

Banners & Posters

Deadline to confirm: August 1st

24”x60” Vertical Standing Banner – $50

You provide the actual banner & stand, which will be displayed in the convention area throughout the weekend. The banner w/stand can either be mailed ahead of the convention or delivered to the registration area upon arrival. Banner must be rated PG-13 or lower.

2’x3’ Mounted Poster – $50

You provide the foamcore mounted poster, and we will display the mounted poster on an easel (which we will provide) in the convention area throughout the weekend. The poster can either be mailed ahead of the convention or delivered to the registration area upon arrival. Poster must be rated PG-13 or lower.

Please note:

  • If you bring your own stand, Rust City is not responsible if your banner stand malfunctions. If that happens, we will attempt to display it in another fashion, but make no promises.
  • You will be responsible for retrieving your banner Sunday afternoon.

Convention Program

program-2017Deadline to confirm: May 1st
Deadline for graphic materials: June 1st

Rust City’s program will be given to each attendee and will include the schedule (with enough space to give clear details on all the activities), all attending authors, and pages to collect signatures that can later be added to a scrapbook. This will also allow us to properly give thanks to all the wonderful volunteers and sponsors who help make Rust City successful.

Ad space will be available to attending and non-attending authors, publishers, bloggers, and local businesses. Ad space will be limited, and will be “first come, first served”. The program is approximately 5″x7″. The prices are:

  • Full Page = $100
  • 1/2 Page = $75
  • 1/4 Page = $60
  • 1/8 Page = $45