1. I think the two stores is a fine compromise, personally. I liked the extras that BAM had, and I do think it’s crucial that indie authors have a way to sell their books.

  2. Everything went VERY well and I had a blast making new friends. I guess we just all need to advertise the heck out of it on our own FB, twitter and other pages. ALso, I think we need to get the local libraries or even the Library Co-op of Macomb involved. 🙂

    I doubt I’ll be there next year, I’m giving up on writing but I only wish everyone else all the best!

  3. Lori Zyren

    I didn’t see a problem with the 2 book stores. I think what might have helped would be more signage, and in the booklet you give out explain why 2 are needed.

    Why would anyone have an issue with going to 2 areas to look at books? They were very accessible.

  4. I had a nice comment that apparently got eaten (or went into spam). And of course, I can’t remember all that I wrote.

    I’ll say I don’t have any issue with bringing my books as I did that. Two stores were okay by me, too. It’s not like BAM is competing with the indie store.
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  5. I didn’t mind having 2 bookstores at all! I didn’t see it as confusing or competition or anything like that. I don’t mind bringing my own books as I did. If you want to take a dollar from each of our indie sales for the charity, that’s fine. 🙂

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