F.A.Q. & Harassment Policy

What Is Rust City Book Convention?
This event was created for a purely selfish reason – I want to see more authors come to the Detroit area and hang out with readers who may not have a chance to otherwise. I have loved sharing the various worlds I’m read with Literary Escapism, and now I want to do it on a larger scale.

How Much Does It Cost?
The 2017 event has an early bird registration of $75 per person through July 1, 2017; after which registration is $85 per person until August 5, 2017. Unlike some conventions, I don’t plan on closing registration in advance of the event – you can register at the door. I tend to act spontaneously on whether I can go to a book signing or not, so I want to make sure everyone who wants to come to Rust City can.

Registration will cover all panels and meet & greets, our evening activities, and a public book signing.

How Much Is the Hotel Room?
Yes, the room rate will be $89.00 per night, excluding taxes and fees. For more information about the hotel please see our hotel/travel page.

What is Transportation Like?
Sadly there is not a shuttle service to and from the airport; however there is a list of shuttle services on the hotel/travel page. Instead the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle service anywhere within a 5 mile radius of the hotel.

Is There An Age Limit?
No. I have attended numerous conventions in the past and my son is always asking if he can go with me. Since he normally can’t, and I’m putting this one together, I’m ensuring that he will be able to attend Rust City.  Now I’m not guaranteeing that every panel topic will be appropriate for all ages, but there will be at least one age-appropriate panel during each session.

What Do I Have To Do To Attend?
Other than paying the registration fee, not much. You’ll need to handle your own hotel and transportation details, but other than that, not much else is required. *grin*  Rust City is not looking to “feature” a certain number of authors; I want to showcase all who come. So there’s no difference between a reader, author, or blogger and what they have to do in order to attend.

Do You Offer Press Passes?
Unfortunately I cannot offer press passes for convention events. However if you would like to attend simply to interview an author, and do not want to attend any of the events, arrangements can be made. Special consideration will be given for requests from traditional media. Not only do I want to give readers a chance to mingle with their favorite authors, but I want to make sure authors have every available opportunity to promote themselves.

What If I Can’t Make It and Need to Cancel – Can I Get A Refund?
Yes, with limitations. Registration is being done a bit differently for 2017 and will be processed via PayPal. Full refunds can be requested up to 60 days from the time you pay for your registration. Refunds will need to be requested by sending an email to RustCityBookCon @gmail.com with the following conditions:

  • Full refunds will be given through March 31, 2017.
  • Beginning April 1, 2017, you will receive 50% of the registration fee.
  • There will be no refunds given after May 31, 2017.

If you’re unable to attend Rust City after you have registered, you can send a friend in your place. Simple email me at RustCityBookCon @gmail.com with your order number, your name, your email, and the corresponding information for the person coming in your place. There may be additional information needed, depending on final details for the convention.

Will There Be A Charge For The Public Book Signing?
Technically no. However I am asking all attendees to bring a gently used book (or brand new if you want) to help fill a #LittleFreeLibrary that Rust City will be donating to the City of Madison Heights. Please limit the books you bring into the signing from home to 3 – they will be marked accordingly so they will not be confused with those books purchased during the signing. Books by authors participating will be available to purchase before and during the signing.

Are Meals Included In My Registration?
I’m still working on this detail. As a parent of a food-allergy child, I understand the difficulties of eating at conventions for those will similar issues, and I wish to avoid that. There will be food at the event, but whether it will be a meal or not is still to be determine.

Can I Take Pictures?
Yes, but please remember to ask anyone before posting/sharing pictures online. There are authors who use pen names for the sole purpose of keeping their professional and public lives separate.  If you are taking pictures and posting them online, be sure to tag us!

I Registered, Now What?
Like Rust City Book Con on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Google+, and/or Tumblr for all the updates and fun.

Did I Answer Everything?
If not, email me at RustCityBookCon @gmail.com, send me a tweet (if you can ask the question in less than 140 characters), or message me via the Rust City Facebook page.

Harassment Policy:

I want to make it clear that harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, and if issues arise, I want to know about them. This includes, but is not limited to, unwanted or inappropriate attention, verbal abuse, and unwanted or inappropriate physical contact. Respect each other’s personal space and feelings, and everything will be fine.

All complaints will be taken seriously and EVERY report or observed instance of harassment will be investigated.  Any attendee found to be harassing another attendee will be asked to leave and no refund will be issued.

Please remember, everyone at Rust City is here to have fun, to get a chance to talk with their favorite authors and meet new authors/friends. There will be a variety of opinions expressed, and they’ll be welcomed, but please do not forget the common sense rules of respect and tolerance so that everyone may interact in a safe and comfortable environment.